Rock buddha close up
SIsters wall hanging
YS waterfall PT
YS waterfall
YS tree roots
YS snowy water
YS snow on tree LS
YS steps
YS lake LS
YS big sky LS
Yellowstone sunet LS
Waterlily in pond
Yellowstone bog LS
Yellowstone Lake sunset LS
Water fall
WY Sun set storm LS
Wanaka morning lake LS
Wanaka lake reflecting tree LS
Wanaka lake reflections LS
Tree nest
Wanaka lake and mountains LS
UV fish crop
Sun water
Tile mosaic
Tile in water
Sun pink
Sun storm
Sun foliage
Sun peeking
Sun orange
Sun peeking LS
Sun foliage crop
Sun clouds
Sun flash
Sun flash LS
Sun bow
Sedona red rock LS
Sun blue
Stained glass closer
Rotorua rock ledges LS
Rock falls LS
rock water
Rock samurai LS
Rock layers LS
North shore break LS
Rainbow Waterfall red LS
Rainbow PT
Otago vineyard LS
Plant PT
Oil on asphalt PT
Moonlight in palms PT lightened cropped.
Milford still LS
Milford valley LS
Milford sound with logs LS
Milford sunbow LS
Milford peaksLS
Meck beach PT
Milford glacier LS
Meck beach LS
Maui - Makena LS
Lakes Wanaka still LS
Lakes Wanaka green LS
Majuro atoll crop LS
Lakes otago LS
Lake thermal mist LS
Lake Wanaka blue LS
Lake Wanaka  LS
Lake thermal twister LS
Lake thermal LS
Lake jade
HI sunset banner
Lake hanging
Lake alaska mirror LS
Kwaj sunrays water PT
Kwaj sharks LS
Kwaj Sun storm LS
Kwaj purple gray sky LS
Kwaj purple sky PT
Kwaj golden clouds LS
Kwaj big sky sunset
Hanging lake LS
Kwaj B&W water sky LS
Glacier smooth LS
Grand Tetons LS
Glacier shadows LS
Glacier moraine LS
Glacier cracks LS
Glacier LS
geyser LS
Glacier blue LS
Clouds over strait LS
Flower waterlily LS
Coral rock
Flower orchid
Coral rock LS
Flower orchid landscape LS
Cooke strait clouds LS
Cooke strait clouds 2 LS
Clouds LS
Bleinhem beach ripples LS
Bird prints PT lightest
Bison grazing LS
Bird prints lightest LS
Bird prints lightened LS
Animals Seals LS
Bird prints PT lightened
Animal Bird prints
Animal Raven
Animal Bird prints LS
AK inlet sun over water LS
Coral rock
Animals Seals
Flower waterlily
Rainbow Waterfall red
Rock buddha
Plant close up
Rock buddha

I've created this site to share my art and allow like minded people to be able to do the same. A dragonfly is a symbol of transformation, this site is for all those looking to transform and grow.