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Give, Send, or Donate

My love of photography came at an early age when I discovered the ability a camera had to make a time stand still, later allowing me to share that magical moment. During the pandemic, I learned I could bring to life my photos through the beauty of Haiku poetry, shared in my book, Virtual Vacation. My book is a labor of love that I originally created as a gift for friends but have quickly learned the joy it’s brought during our time of isolation. I have now realized the isolation so many people feel, not only because of the pandemic, but also due to age, illness, or unfortunate life circumstances. My goal is now to share the gift of Virtual Vacation with those who deserve an outlet or gateway.  Everyone deserves a moment of escape.

Give, send, or donate is set up to GIVE to a friend, SEND to love one, or DONATE a copy of Virtual Vacation to a hospital, nursing home, woman’s shelter, or facility that helps people in times of stress, illness and trouble. I want to provide an outlet, a gateway, for those who are homebound, in a facility, or anyone who just needs a virtual vacation. My dream is to see it in waiting rooms and patient areas, facilities that house families and welcome ideas from you on any other places to share it.

While the book can be purchased on Amazon, by donating here, you can decide if you want to contribute the amount of a full book or a set dollar amount. Every $35 donated, delivers a Virtual Vacation to a deserving person. I've always found a solace in photography, and when paired with a haiku, a moment is brought to life. Join me in sharing the gift of Virtual Vacation.

  • Give or Send: Tell me who or what facility you are sending a copy, and they will receive a signed copy of Virtual Vacation.

  • Donate: You may donate a signed copy of Virtual Vacation or share in donating a copy with a set dollar amount.

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