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From Gift For Friends to a Whole New Creation

18 months ago, I wrote down my idea for a cool gift for friends. I wanted to put my photos into a book with haiku poetry, and give it to friends for Christmas. I thought about it and felt, if my friends would like it, maybe others would like it also, enough to buy for their friends and family. So I've been working on compiling the material for over a year, nearly two. Just recently I put it into a form that I will submit to a literary agent for consideration. I've also been building this website, and working on a trademark logo. Its early days but I'm having a blast creating it and can't wait to share more. My goal is to give like minded people a platform to share their love of art.

Mammals of the sea

Hauling out onto the rocks

Warm in midday sun

Hawaiian Monk Seals, Kaena Point, Oahu


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